Another Sucky Friday

On August 31, 2006, in news, by

Fridays suck.  They really really do this year…

I’ll give you examples:

  • We tend to get into the “we hate R2” on Fridays
  • On a Friday it was announced that SBS 2003 R2 was recalled
  • …and in a moment of unfortunate timing… on the same Friday Dr. J announced he was leaving Microsoft

Tomorrow also sucks.

…but in the spirit of Scarlett O’hara…there’s another day…another day to learn some more…to be taught a new lesson…

So what did I personally learn?… Let’s see…my own personal lessons from Dr. J:

  • Making the local admin password the same as the domain password is a stupid thing to do (I don’t do that anymore)
  • Thinking that power user was secure (I don’t EVEN want to acknowledge that my original GSEC essay was how I made everyone power user in my office and considered that was making folks secure…man was I dumb on that one…
  • When SMB signing is a security risk and when it’s not
  • and a whole bunch more…

.so I’ll do my best to ‘Go forth and do good’.  You should too.  I have a strong feeling … that we’ll all still be learning… a ton… even after one sucky Friday.


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