Ofer and I were chatting over email about how he likes to ensure that folks don't get out of hand with their email accounts….

I said that now with Exchange at 75 gigs and the fact with SBS default setting up the Outlook mailboxes to grow greater with OST files …but he was making the point that he want's to put limits on some folks and gets frustrated when he can't easily do what he wants to do…

So without further ado… here's our first "Oferized" post… here's what he does to better control his client's mail:

He's said his quest for this started with a couple of blog posts here:

and then he said that Paul wrote back regarding the same issue and sent him a link to

Ofer says:  But for people like me that absolutely, positively set 
disk and mail quotas at the volume and root mailbox store level,
respectively, the inability to set individual mailboxes (usually
VIPs, owners, COO, CEO, etc) size beyond 2 GB at the server
level is very frustrating since I definitely do not want those
mailboxes size to go out of control - which is what would happen because there are no possible settings in those three text boxes
if the OST is bigger than 2 GB, it has to be set to null. In other words, once I set an SBS server with Exchange SP2
and BEFORE I actually populate AD I do a variety of things
- among them: (1) change the initial root Mailbox limits from the default
150/175/200 MB to 450/475/500 MB, depending on the organization (2) change the default user disk quota on the user templates and
on the AD tab from 1 GB with 900 MB warning to 10 GB and 9.9 GB
warning (3) change the default SharePoint user attribute from Contributor to
Reader (4) plus more settings.... That way I can then populate ALL of my AD users and ONLY have
to come back and edit the EXCEPTIONS in terms of more space,
more disk, Contributor with SharePoint etc. Just FYI In all my SBS 2003 SP1 since Exchange SP2 came out
I set the Exchange partition or disk to be 100 GB - leaving it plenty
of room to grow
Private and Public and I set the registry to be 36 GB for Private
and 18 for Public plus 25% free space for defragmentation -
headroom, headroom, headroom. So when I want to give the company VIP more room, I do not want
to give them UNLIMITED room - I want to say, give them 4 or 5
GB room on THEIR particular mailbox and STILL have a quota,
albeit a HUGE one at that.

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