Dear and 0x80070057

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I'm getting really tired of that error code.

Okay got the emulator set up including putting certificates on it for my server (and use the PocketPc image and not the smart phone as it's in an "unlocked" state so you can use the "shared folder" option in the emulator to then get the cert on the device.  Place another person's info into the emulator and it syncs just fine.  Put mine in and I get the following:

And googling only gets me…

If you are seeing error: 0x80070057 this is because (it appears) BY DEFAULT the Microsoft Exchange Server – Active Sync has no READ Permissions be sure to Enable READ permissions

Okay thanks folks but other phones DO work so it's not read permissions…. so I kicked up verbose logging on the emulator and I notice that not only is it doing an active sync with my inbox …it's also hitting my RSS feed folder….

…and then it hits me what's doing it….


Okay so a few days before SMBnation, the RSS feed for had really funky codes up in the subject line.  So much so it was taking two lines on the RSS reader.  I didn't think anything of it at the time.  But those funky codes were what was causing activesync to fail.  Once I deleted the subscription to's RSS feed, my syncing is now working.

Because that header was in my folders… I couldn't sync…..

So if anyone else has any weird sync issues… check your RSS feeds or weird emails in your inbox…. because it might just work after you delete that RSS feed/folder/email.


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  1. steveb says:

    Had a similar issue when I used in the title of one of my Blog entries. RssReader was giving off a script error everytime it would access my own feed. Got rid of the “.” and it cleared up.