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On September 26, 2006, in sbsc, by

I hear from folks that there were people in the SBSC quarterly webcast that were not SBSCers.

Folks… let's be up front about this shall we?  This was not "intro to SBSC" or "why you want to be a SBSCer" webcast, this was "Yes, you ARE a SBSCer and thus here's the cool stuff because you've proven to us that you want to be taken seriously" webcast.

So if you are not a SBSCer and you attended that webcast… you are planning to sit for the exam and be one, aren't you? [:D]

Because folks, it's 'put up or shut up' time folks.  You can argue all you want that SBSC is a marketing exam, that it has no value…but if you were interested enough to show up to that webcast, then it's time you got the real deal and became a SBSC.  For me it separates out the folks that want to take small business seriously.  That want to showcase to clients that they specialize in it.  And for all those folks that complained that Microsoft never made an effort for the single guy shops… well folks.. Microsoft has done just that.

So if you were thinking about making yourself stand out from the rest… it's time you got your rear in gear and got serious about that exam.  It's back to School time for kids…how about for yourself?


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