Have you tried out Office Live?

On October 31, 2006, in news, by

Eric Ligman has a question about Office Live:


"How do you view and use Office Live with SBS for your customers? (i.e. "I think
it's great and here's why," or "I think it is confusing and here's why," or any
other feedback or input you have on Office Live as a Partner and why).
http://www.officelive.com for those unfamiliar with it."

Again, please submit your feedback and responses through the survey so we have
all of the replies in one area. Here is the direct link to the survey if you
can't use the links above:


You know what I want? More glue between the two.  I set up an Office Live domain for http://www.smbtnfresno.com and it was a bit tedious to enter in all the email addresses and passwords and what not… now if I wanted 'glue' between my internal SBS 2003 AD domain and a Office Live domain …that would be …well tedious.  I'd like some sort of 'suckage' of AD data from one to the other if that would be in any way shape possible.


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