Tonight I’m Glow in the Dark Woman

On October 31, 2006, in news, by

Manning the door for the trick or treaters tonight wearing glow stick earrings (of the screw post variety that are starting to hurt my ears btw)  and Glow in the dark necklace and bracelet and entertaining myself between waves of trick or treaters with …. well… what else… blogging.  And as the kids run across the yard in their Princesses and their Pirates and their Ghoulies and their…. I'm not sure what some of the costumes are actually… I hear them say "It's Herbie!"  You see my sister has her 1960 'Herbie the Love Bug" volkswagon parked out in front and the kids recognize the automobile from the somewhat recent LIndsay Lohan movie.  As a graphical icon it sticks out… the number 53 on the side and the hood. 

Someone the other day asked me for a reason to upgrade to Vista that didn't involve security.. and one is the 'graphical' refresh of it…. the fact that my nephew Nathan asks about a 'newer' OS when he sees me… there are those in the cutting edge era that want a new thing.. something fresh.   And then there are the types that can identify with an icon that has stood the test of time…. a 1960's Volkswagon.  But remember …. while it certainly still turns heads and people yell out "Herbie!" it doesn't have air bags, it doesn't have air conditioning, it was built for when the road risks were different…. so what's the best thing about Vista?  Because it was written with a different Internet in mind… one in which we know that the bad guys are out there…

(what you didn't think I would get a geek angle out of a Halloween blog post?)


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