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Taking a lunch break (and what else had a blog thought) … I was at a client's the other day and as I walk in the door they have about three business cards all representing what they do and the firms they are.  And it reminded me about how Outlook and Exchange and active sync is sometimes very myopic in the way it acts.  A Mobile 5 device can't handle syncing personal contacts separately from business contacts…. if you want sync you end up mooshing your personal contacts with your business ones.  Outlook really prefers one profile.  To do a send from another profile easily and quickly you need to go down the "buy a third party solution" route.  (see but even with mobile phones… you can't sync to both a home Outlook and a business Outlook..let alone two or three firms or more than many small businesses has.

…and I don't see this changing in Exchange 2007.. at least not what I've seen…. so Mr.Outlook?  Why is that?  Why can't you handle more than one business address easily and natively?  Why aren't you matching the agility of the businesses out here? 

So …. what other third party things are you using to make your solutions better fit what the businesses are doing out here in terms of email?


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  1. Randy says:

    We have our main business contact list in a public folder on Exchange and I am unable to sync to it through active sync. I can only sync to my local contact list. Am I missing something?

  2. Indy says:

    Why third party? When we put in mobile 5 we told people their personal life is now included in Business contacts. You adjust.

  3. Dav says:

    A great add-in for Outllok is RealAccount ( I have a rule to move incoming emails to my various addresses to their own ‘Inbox’ Folders. Using RealAccount I then specify for each folder which of my email addresses I want to reply / send from, and it handles it automatically without having to remember to change my ‘from’ address

  4. ericvogel says:

    We tried IntelliSync but got errors syncing public folders. We are not tring PocketMirror PPC ed. Seems to be good so far. Sync’s multple folders and public folders. It puts the entries in ActiveSync unlike IS that sits out of it. I think it can be use for multiple PC’s too. Boss only sync’s with his laptop.

    Cingular (HTC) 8125 Win Moble 5. (Full PDA Version)

  5. ericvogel says:

    I forgot to say it adds the folder name in outlook in the catagory. So say you business is in Contacts and personal is in personal under Contacts and clients are a public folder

    Filter view by:

    and you have 3 address books in your PPC.