IE7 is on WSUS

On November 1, 2006, in Security, by

Just a heads up… IE 7 is up on the WSUS servers tonight and if you have SBS 2003 R2 you can see that it's waiting for your approval and will not automagically come down until YOU say so.



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  1. Tim Long says:

    I don’t know how others are getting on but I am finding IE7 problematic. Out of 4 computers I have installed it on, one is OK (manual download and install over IE6). The second (manual download over IE6) failed to boot (blue screen, checksum errors on a few critical DLLs) but I was able to resurrect it. The third installed OK but blue screened an hour later and had to be nuked and paved. The fourth will boot (sort of ). I can get to the login screen and log in but can’t load the desktop or launch any programs, even in safe mode, because of missing DLLs (this fourth one was the WSUS install; it was previously running IE7 RC2 quite happily and WSUS kicked in overnight, computer dead in the morning). So I’m advising my clients not to install IE7 until I can figure out what’s going on.

    I am about to invoke my business critical phone support, wish me luck 😉