Body count for the weekend

On November 27, 2006, in news, by

Christmas tree up… a few decorations not quite finished yet but mostly in place.

Family recipe baked – actually done three times as we gave some to family and friends.

64 bit test box that I’ve been building sent home with geek friend for a Fry’s run for parts (we don’t have one locally) and it will be picked back up next weekend.

Acer Tablet Laptop upgraded to Vista and Office 2007 – casualty – the Cingular Connection Software.. so far making it “run as XP sp2” helps and I just spotted a modem driver on Windows update.  I don’t have true 3d flip Aero view (I’ve yet to find a spare video card that I have that does it… but then again I didn’t want to mess with the MCE I have and try that).  Mainly I did it because I’ll be giving some presentations on Vista and didn’t want to shlep around a bigger computer.

….now if I can only get the Cingular working… I’ll be a happy camper..


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  1. Richard says:

    Acer Tablet, as in, the c110tci Acer Tablet? How much memory does it have. How does the speed compare xp vs vista?