Susan wrote:

On November 27, 2006, in Rants, by

Today I’m getting a ton of email spam about buying stocks and they are all “Insert person name”_Wrote as the subject line. 

Okay so like does someone really think that I set my 401K investments via junk email?  It must work.. because they are sending a ton of it…but are we that STUPID to follow investment advice from spammer/scammers?


6 Responses to Susan wrote:

  1. Chris says: isn’t working for me. I had to access it through

  2. Sergson says:

    And I was thinking I was the only one receiving that kind of spam… Thanks for making me feel a little less freaky! 🙂
    Seriously, we should really consider changing the spam laws. How about “send spam, get electric chair”? 🙂

  3. Tim Long says:

    I’ve been getting those too. Eventually the Bayesian filter will learn to recognise them, but they are arriving by the dozen right now.

    I gues the spammers can send them in such vast numbers at zero cost that if they only get a response rate of a tiny fraction of a percent, that can still have a big effect.

  4. Amy B says:

    Yeah but who cares, the Exchange IMF filter catches them and they land in the Junk folder. All is well. They’ll go away. Spam comes in waves. When this one ends another will begin.

  5. david says:

    I’ve been a ton of email (Australia) with the subject line “tahlia wrote” , always relating to the sender name. So sender name and subject change with every email. I am spending much time every day sending to blocked. Yesterday about 30. It’s driving me nutty.

    But amazed me was how even normally astute business owners were conned by the Nigerian scammers in recent years.

  6. Rob Nicholls says:

    At least they’re making it easy by pushing the same few stocks, so if they do happen to make it through all those filters, a quick search can pick them out easily. There aren’t many genuine emails that contain the phrase WEXE or AVLN.

    Don’t forget, some people are stupid enough to fall for it. And all it takes are a few to make it worthwhile for spammers/scammers.