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I was listening to a Community 2.0 webcast today on how companies are looking to embrace/expand communities and one thing that I don’t think I’ve identified is the communities of things that a lot of SBSers install… and that’s firewalls.  One of them is obviously ISAserver and the community can be found at but we need to be honest and say that there are other firewalls that people install… One is of course Linksys… but one major one in the more ‘business’ category is Sonicwall.

They have a moderated community at and a third party community here

Today in the Deloitte and Touche sponsored webcast on community they talked about that sometimes you do both… you start a corporate sponsored community and sometimes you go where the organic community has grown up.

So there you go… find a community!


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  1. Brian says:

    Let’s not forget about open source firewalls either! Often the foundation for firewall appliances.