Saving the password

On November 30, 2006, in news, by

So the comment was that the bad thing about the RDP version 6 is that you couldn’t save the credentials like you did before… but it’s been my experience you can?  All I do is click the checkbox that says “Remember my password” and it does.  So if you want to save it like before… just say “Remember my password”.

Now you may have to do Domain\User on occasion….but it can still be saved, nonetheless.

Yeah yeah and I’m using the true Administrator account but this is RDP ‘inside’ the firm and not externally…


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  1. Robert. says:

    OK Thanks. I think this is a classic example of “I’ve been doing Remote desktop “my way” for the past 7 (?) years and now Microsoft has changed it” and it is quite a shock. I still have to “redo” all my .rdp files by entering the passwords, and click the “remember by password” box, but I guess that’s progress…

    I have a folder full of .rdp files for all my server and test machines “times” an admin account, a power user account, and a limited privileges account .rdp, etc. This allowed me to quickly login to any remote machine without lots of typing.

    Maybe they’ll crank out an KB file on this.

  2. Bryan says:

    If only it was so easy – it seems the credentials are no longer stored with the file, but instead on a per-target-host basis. Any ideas on how to get around that? I have 25+ profiles pointing all to the same machine and changing the creds for one changes them all…