The Easy Button

On November 30, 2006, in Security, by

These step-by-step guides provide instructions for deploying or migrating to Windows Vista. These guides also describe how to configure security, monitor performance, and manage printers.

Today someone said to me something along the lines of “you know, Vista will have security flaws, but it’s more robust than prior operating systems”.  And I had to laugh because the person who said it to me was not a Linux or Mac user, but instead a very down to earth Security guy.  Given his honest opinion.. liking the progress he’d seen in Microsoft, but knowing that we’ll still have issues.  And he’s right.  It will.  And so will Linux. And so will Mac’s.  But before the religious arguments start in… let’s step back a bit.

Unlike the Staples store, there is no “Easy” button when it comes to technology.  Oh sure we can make it “easier” but the key to security is to make it reasonable so that your end users don’t end up trying to do end runs around the security you’ve set up.  There’s a balance out there.  Take the time to educate folks…. so that things like UAC are known.  The funny thing is most of the time when I’ve explained the security measures that we’ve put in place, people understand and accept it.  But if we don’t take the time to train folks… the security fails.

And most of the time, my best security measure is an educated end user.

But if you think Vista is the ‘easy button’ you’ve been looking for.. or Linux is.. or Mac is?  You have a rude awakening my friend.  As there are bugs and flaws in each.. and right now it just depends on where the ‘marketplace’ of bugs are is all.  Don’t get lulled into thinking the ‘easy button’ is right around the corner… it’s not.  Granted Vista does include the new reboot manager that if your application plugs into it, the system will reboot, and the app will be placed right back where it was.  Granted Vista does have more kernel protection…but remember a lot of that “blue pill” stuff is up in the 64bit platform.

Honestly, the best thing I like about Vista is the audit logs and the event viewer (yeah I know I’m a sick puppy), but no operating system will ever solve the world’s problems on security.  We will still get scam attacks, we will still have the risks of misconfiguations, of users that don’t know any better because WE haven’t taken the time to educate.

But if you are looking for an “Easy” button to take away your risks and threats… guess again.  There are some very talented bad guys out there.

We just need to ensure we stay one step ahead of them is all…..


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  1. Tim Long says:

    Very well said. No such thing as “easy technology”.