Printing headers after the install of IE 7

On December 1, 2006, in news, by

So you installed IE7 and in Outlook now.. it doesn’t print the header information….

“To resolve your printing problem with the header:


On IE7 Go to File, Page Setup set the Margins to 7.5 (on all) and should wok, these have resolved the problems for me and now I’m able to print the e-mail headers but stell problems when printing with text size.”


Try that…

(edit) if the 7.5 doesn’t work, try with different margin sizes.. as it’s partially tied to printers that you use as well.. see what works for your setup)


Sounds like it’s related to spam filters…


3 Responses to Printing headers after the install of IE 7

  1. indy says:

    This doesn’t work. 7.5 is too large…

  2. indy says:

    None of the sizes works. This is an IE7 issue, MS screwed up, again.

    A REAL workaround:
    1. From the Outlook menu save your email as it is to the desktop. (file–>save as–> click on desktop icon on the far left, then click save)
    2. Then double click the file on your desktop and it opens in Internet Explorer.

    3. From here you can print it or adjust further printing preferences. Set preferences as desired by using the IE7 print preview. You can then delete the message from your desktop.

  3. vfr58 says:

    It worked for me!

    File > Page setup seems to be a shared setting between OL2k3 and IE7.

    I tried several top/bottom/left/right margins and in the end I just had to reduce the top/bottom margins until it started printing the headers again.

    P.S. Have tried this on a single email that I had the problem with… I had just installed IE7 and discovered the issue, so I don’t have other messages that showed the same problem…