Took the train/bus again to LA to visit with friends and it’s the first time the “Vista-ized” laptop is on the road… so far I don’t notice any major change to battery life and what not… Cingular Ericsson card connected ….and in general worked like it did when it was an XP…just now with slighly different features and what not….

I think boot up may be faster a bit even…..

oh yeah… and there’s a Frys run tomorrow…


One Response to The first road trip with the "Vista" tablet

  1. Bob Muir says:

    Hi Diva, I love your blog!

    I was wondering what processor/ram you have in that tablet PC. I just picked up the el-cheapo Gateway tablet that was on Woot and I was wondering if it would be productive to buy the extra RAM and try to install Vista on it.