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For those that are wondering what model of tablet I am running and got “Vista-ized” …it’s my Acer TravelMate C110 that came with 512 of RAM but I bumped it to 2 gigs.  The one thing that it can’t do is the cutesy Aero stuff like the 3d flip and all that…. my “vista experence” on this machine is a 1.0 because of that.  On another box that I have, the Vista “experience ranking is a 3.8.

The video card is prob more important than RAM or harddrive on this upgrade.

I’m also bringing home after a trip to Frys for parts and fixing up by Pierre, is a 64 bit machine that I’m planning to turn into a tester box for my Longhorn beta stuff.  We could have shipped it …but figured it was easier to get a large piece of luggage, slide bubble wrap around it, and cart it home in that. If I had a power cord for it, I could do a network on the train even (okay just kidding).


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  1. Rob Nicholls says:

    Having just spent the weekend installing Vista RTM x64 on my main machine, so I can finally get used to using Vista on a daily basis, I have to say the 64 bit signed driver requirement is proving a bit of a pain, especially on old hardware (although I don’t think my SB Live! 5.1 card is that old, but Creative don’t plan on developing Vista drivers and their XP Pro x64 beta drivers aren’t signed either, thankfully I’m able to use my Realtek onboard audio with digital output instead – their Vista drivers that I downloaded seem to be fine). Anyway, good luck with Longhorn!