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Talking to Clients about Windows Vista

To help clients learn more about what decisions they have ahead with the
Windows Vista operating system, Intuit has created a new *QuickBooks
Windows Vista Resource Center* at

*Potential Crunch for Clients.* QuickBooks 2007 will run on Vista and
several earlier versions of Windows. Traditionally, adoption of a new
Operating System has been slow. On the other hand, many clients are now
using hardware that will need to be updated over the next year. If a
client upgrades to Windows Vista, or buys a new computer with Windows
Vista pre-installed, the performance of their pre-2007 QuickBooks
financial software may be adversely affected.

*Reaching Out to Clients.* To help you alert clients as to their options
with Windows Vista, we have prepared some language you could adapt for
your own needs to reach out to clients by letter or e-mail. The language
highlights the new QuickBooks Windows Vista Resource Center.

*Intuit Outreach.* Intuit is also sending out information on Windows
Vista to many QuickBooks users on a rolling basis over the next month or
so. But we know your clients will look to you for guidance, and we hope
the new Resource Center and the sample communications will help you
support your clients moving forward.

*Updated QuickBooks Improves Messaging.* Last month, Intuit released
updates to QuickBooks 2004, 2005, and 2006 that in part improved the
error message that will warn users of these versions of QuickBooks that
the software is not supported on Vista.

*Supporting Multiple Versions of QuickBooks.* As a practitioner, you do
NOT have to upgrade to Vista – even if your client does use Vista – for
you to be able to work with files on QuickBooks 2007.

Intuit continues to research ways to mitigate the impacts of a
transition to Windows Vista, and we hope to have more to report to you


One Response to Intuit on talking to clients about Vista

  1. Philip Elder says:

    First, I really appreciate your knowledge and efforts for us SBSers! Your knowledge sharing has been very helpful to me.

    As far as QB 07 is concerned, after fighting with it many ways come Sunday, I could only get it to run when the user was added to the local admin group as per QB’s help site!

    I thought I have seen somewhere a method for running as standard…haven’t found it though.

    Thanks again,

    Philip Elder