The Master Browser thingy…

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First off if you haven’t downloaded this and played with it… go… do …now.

Follow the blog… Okay?

In remoting in to check something in the office I learned a few things…

1.  Doing a netmon while RWW or VPNing means you get a “chatty” connection.  Not exactly the wisest thing to do when you are looking for a very specific traffic you are wanting to trace.

2.  Installing it remotely on the server means that you break the VPN connection for a moment as it slides into the NIC stack (or whatever magic it does)…and the minute you do it you go.. duh.. should have thought of that one….

3.  Hmmmm.. for whatever reason I have an old netbios query request going out for the name of the old server… hmmmm…I’ll have to investigate why that’s happening…

4.  And last but not least: 

oh… looks like a new computer is doing that Master Browser thingy… you know… this: 

Where it’s best if your server is the “head cheese” ..but not your workstations.. In a server, this “head cheese” value is set to “YES” already…

This value is at:

Type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK.
Locate, and then click the following registry subkey:

But if your workstations are throwing off that setting.. especially something new coming into the firm… whereas the server should ALWAYS be yes, the workstation…well we’re going to change that to be a no or “false”

We’ll reboot and see if that does the trick…

hmmm.. though I’ll have to see why my workstation is still looking for the old SBS 2000 era server….


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