The ribbon the change the …. the yuck!

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Ken… you are a definitely a geek.

Mary Jo Foley proclaimed that us beancounters could care less about new technology… and to a certain extent she’s right.  But as was pointed out by the better half of this gentlemen…. Vista right now is more for the home user and enthusiast…. because once the boss has it at home…. he’ll then push to get it in the office. 

Businesses DO NOT upgrade lightly.  Nor should they. 

Enthusiasts – Ken.. this is you.. the person who would get up at midnight for a piece of software that you probably already downloaded from TechNet. 

People are reporting that there aren’t the hundreds of folks in the stores but I think what this really showcases is how the distribution of content is vastly changing.  Why should I get up, get dressed, for a midnight anything if I can just download the thing?  And I’m not talking about an illegal bittorrent either… when’s the last time you got your software in a box with a huge manual?  Just today in fact I purchased software and it was totally online and downloadable.  Who gets cdroms anymore… I burn in so many iso’s on dvds and cdroms these days it’s unreal…..there’s more buzz about when the Action pack will show up than there is about Vista in Best Buy.

To Joe Wilcox?  Yeah I’m concerned that when those key partners of Microsoft talked about ‘versions’ all they talked about was “Consumer” because Home Premium WILL NOT join a domain …and SBS works the best when they are.  I bought Ultimate because I have a Tablet PC and need those features.  Last year I insanely signed up for (not all mind you but some) of Windows XP with SA to get Vista Enterprise with Bitlocker and some of the other SA goodies that were hinted at.  We should surf over to the Dell Small Business site and see what is being offered there.

When you get to the business side…. we’ll see if Bitlocker pushes the Vista sales… it’s too bad it’s not in that Vista Business edition.  Some argue that they are glad it’s not as not enough of us know how to de-crypt anything (more on that in the next blog post).  Some argue that it should be in all versions.  I think it will be a key business tool in the future… or should be anyway….

But yeah… ribbon bars… new stuff… change is hard… we don’t like it….. do we?  And I think this also showcases we ‘upgrade’ when we ‘upgrade’ the hardware for the vast majority of us normal folks.

Signed version of Vista, ‘eh Ken? Okay so that’s a tad bit on the cool side….  😉 

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  1. Ken Edwards says:

    Thanks Susan for those wonderful comments. Yes, I am an Uber Geek. But a Business Uber Geek. That means that, since I run my own company, I can relate to my clients about how the introduction of new technology can affect the immediate cash flow in the form of lost productivity. A new technology must be compelling to get a client to suffer that pain. We will have to talk them into it by the use of practical examples that WE have experienced.

  2. Now that we’ve got clients using the open value Desktop, we need the Vista Home option on business computers. Dell is right to provide them this way.