New Orleans in your future?

On February 12, 2007, in news, by

I’m starting to think about conference season and this year I think I may skip TechEd and in place of that go to other conferences. One for sure is Jeff Middleton’s NOLO conference…and that’s one of the reasons why I’m skipping TechEd this year…. without the double wammy combo of speakers like Jeff Middleton and Dr. Jesper Johansson not being speaker…. just isn’t quite the same.  While the birds of a feather was fun, I think this Bird will be flying to New Owrrrleans rather than Orlando…. check out Eriq and Jeff on EonCall Radio….


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  1. Dave Sobel says:

    Looks like my conference circuit will be SMB Summit in LA in March, TechEd in June, WWPC in July. Since there is little to no buzz on SMB Nation, it’s still undecided.

    New Orleans, while tempting, has two big drawbacks. 1. It’s Memorial Day weekend, which besides being a good holiday, and it is my anniversary. Sharon’s not a huge fan of giving that one up.

    You really can’t beat the actual learning going on at TechEd.