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The SBS’ized instructions for using this tool:

Don’t.  Don’t use that tool.
That has to be the most confusing, non GUI…what is it about Exchange people and their use of command line…that I’ve ever seen.

Instead here’s what you do to get your Mobile 3 and 5 phones syncing properly and Outlook calendar items in the proper time.

Okay install the Windows, Exchange patches, yadda yadda… if you’ve been living under a rock go here, read.  Install, do.
Got it?

Okay now download the TZmove.exe tool and show it to the people in your office.  Let THEM move their appointments in their Outlooks so when they screw it up they are to blame not you.

Now for the phones — the fun part.

Okay get the Mobile DST patch. 
Pocket PC

You could probably use the desktop updating tool, but I wanted to confirm this process worked first.
Dig out that sync cable that you never use but once in a blue moon and then you forget where you stuck it, dump the cab file update on the phone under my documents.  Browse to that location, click to install.  Now… go to the phone settings (this is the part I forgot earlier), and change the time zone on the phone to another time zone and PRESS DONE or whatever you need to do to have the phone “take” the  zone change.  Now change it back to your proper time zone and press DONE again.  This is the key I forgot.  You need to press done to reset the timezone to another zone and then back.

Set an appointment in the Outlook on the desktop for say… March 17th at noon and place the word “Noon” in the subject line.  Sync the phone.  Check that the appointment on the 17th is at noon on the phone.  If the phone says “noon” and the appointment is showing it’s at noon, do a “IT happy dance”.  If not, go back and make sure you truly CHANGED the time zone and not just scrolled to it.  Do the St. Patrick’s Day test again (as this is a day in between when the time changes on the 11th and when in April when it normally would.  Get to where you can do an “IT happy dance” on each mobile phone/device in your office.

…how many phones are out there in the universe and every single one of them needs a dst patch and a time zone change?  Ouch.  I cannot see anyway short of touching every phone that big server land are going to be able to have “IT happy dances”, do you?


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