Want to know how to go from there to there?

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Installation choices for consumer versions of Windows Vista (32-bit only):

Finally a document that states:
The upgrade version of Windows Vista An upgrade version of Windows Vista is a license that lets you install Windows Vista if you already own a compliant, licensed version of Windows. You can perform either an upgrade installation or a custom installation of Windows Vista by using an upgrade license. However, you must start the Windows Vista installation in the compliant version of Windows.


2 Responses to Want to know how to go from there to there?

  1. Matthew Frahm says:

    I think Microsoft should be taken to task for the fact that NOTHING on or in the package mentions this at all.

    In fact, it leads you to believe you can do a clean install just as easily as you could in the olden days of Windows XP.

  2. Tim Long says:

    What I want to know is this: when Windows “Vienna” comes out, and one day our hard drive fails, and we replace it with a shiny new one, will we have to install Windows XP, then Windows Vista, then Windows Vienna? This new upgrade requirement is just stupid on so many levels. Except if you are an OEM preinstalling Office, of course….