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So Dell opened up a “new product, new idea” forum… and what are the top two right now?


My Sister’s Dell Vista laptop has Google Desktop on it…. if everyone hates this.. why do vendors think it’s working?


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  1. Perhaps it pays well and is worth more than dealing with the backlash 😉

  2. Bil Simser says:

    I totally hear you. I just bought a new Dell a month or so ago and it came with all kinds of crap on it. Of course the first thing we do, pave it. Now the problem I have is that my Media Direct button doesn’t do anything. Apparently the software has to be installed before an OS and I’m not about to re-re-install to get it. Also I had to go hunting for drivers because the driver disk that came with the system didn’t have the SD card reader. I seriously don’t think Dell reads what we tell them and this voting system is probably no different as we’ve been telling them for years about the “extra” software they force on setups.

  3. Tim Long says:

    In truth, the OEMs don’t care what we (customers) think. They care what makes them money. Microsoft is jumping on the bandwagon, bribing system builders to bundle Office 2007 by giving them a slice of the profit when a customer upgrades from the trial to a full license. I believe this is what is at the root of the new Vista upgrade requirements. All the while vendors will pay OEMs to preload their software, the OEMs are going to preload that software.

  4. JMXZ says:

    Windows *needs* a lot of the third party software to “just work”; and a lot of the benefit provided by OEMs like Dell instead of the white-box-vendors is that they gather this software and make it work well (or as well as possible) together.

    Every try playing a DVD with a bare Windows install? Dell customers would be very mad if they bought a computer with a DVD drive that can’t even play DVDs; or a DVD-RW that can’t make a DVD they can play on their dvd player.

    Ever try putting a Windows box without anti-virus software on the internet? They last about 30 seconds without third party software.

    Until Windows gets such basic functionality working Dell will need to keep getting third party software.