Windows Vista (with the 2007 Office System) Approximately 65,000 Microsoft IT internal users are working on the Windows Vista/2007 Office system platform. The dynamic detection in the 2007 Office system has prompted all of these users to complete the Outlook rebasing process. The sequence of events for automatic rebasing was as follows:
1. From January 1 through January 8, 2007, Windows Vista/2007 Office system users were automatically prompted to update calendar items with the new DST rules.
2. Users received a pop-up window from within Outlook, requiring them to confirm appointments that were rebased according to the new rules.
3. This new experience confused many users, and most did not complete the calendar rebasing.
The result:
A. Most users canceled the Outlook rebasing process.
B. For those who completed the rebasing process, at the time, the process took one to four hours to complete.
C. There is no mechanism to determine whether the Outlook rebasing was completely successful.

Even MS folks got confused with the rebasing stuff….

Daylight Saving Time: Microsoft IT Enterprise Response Plan Preparing for Daylight Saving Time Changes in 2007 Version 3.1 Published: February 2007
A nice overview that might just remind you of things you forgot.


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