Got Vista? You are gonna want WSUS 3.0

On February 27, 2007, in WSUS, by

When you have a vista box behind a WSUS 2.0 machine you will notice that you have no button to get to Microsoft update…

So when you start deploying Vista… You’ll want to make sure that you soon after it’s released gone “Gold” and RTM’d out.  Right now WSUS 3.0 is in release candidate status.  Behind WSUS 3.0 you’ll be able to also go directly to Microsoft update as shown below:

As you can see here… behind WSUS 2.0 you end up in an endless loop where going to the Microsoft Update web site and it directs you back to the control panel where you have no way to get manual updates.

WSUS 3.0 will fix this issue…but for now.. understand that when you WSUS on Vista using 2.0… you can’t get to MU

(and yeah I need to patch that Vista box… I know… but it’s a test to see how these patches are working…)


2 Responses to Got Vista? You are gonna want WSUS 3.0

  1. Steve Moffat says:

    More rubbish from your mouth.

    This is a well known issue. The work around is to remove the windows update registry key from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate

    And make sure it’s not automatically replaced by a GPO.



    ps. Of course, you won’t publish this as it makes you look like the amateur you are!!!

  2. Amy says:

    It’s called two solutions to a single problem, Steve. The only one looking bad here is you.