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Dale Unroe sent this along to show what he’s been sending out to clients and friends about DST impact… so are you communicating to your USA based clients?

The purpose of this email is to raise your awareness of a serious issue that is coming in two weeks.  Over two years ago Congress passed legislation to extend the Daylight Saving Time period both in the Spring and in the Fall .  This law is to go into effect in 2007 and so if you don’t like it please direct any complaints upwards in that direction.  In other words I am just the messenger please don’t “shoot” me.  J

In a couple of weeks on March 11’th we will be “springing forward” for Daylight Saving Time.  This is a change from the past by three weeks.  

Why is this important to you?  Well besides waking up on time that day and changing your clocks, this change has the potential to cause synchronization chaos with any time driven technology.  Not all software is kept updated by the underlying Operating System.  Also technology is found in other things besides the PC and these items often interact.  In addition, the people that you communicate and collaborate with may not have the same time you are keeping.  You say TomAto they say TomotO … so this has the potential for a lot of confusion.  For the short time after this DST day you should be aware and prepared to verify every time critical appointment, event, or scheduled task with anyone outside of the office that you deal with.

Remember the Y2K scare?   What seems like a simple technical issue often isn’t.  Apparently time isn’t so simple and as such I am having to do a lot of research to assure all of your technology will not be drastically impacted.  I promise to prepare the workplace for this emerging issue and you can expect further messages from me during the next couple of weeks and beyond.

Below is a copy of information from Microsoft for your interest.  It was given to help me help you and other customers. To access a nice tool that guides you to what actions you might need to take on your home PC, your mobile smart phone, PDA, …etc go here:




Partner guidance for Daylight Saving Time changes

What is the issue for my customers?

What products are affected?

What is the issue for my customers?

The change in daylight saving time (DST) may impact many technology products that are currently used for scheduling, time calculating, transaction logging, and billing.

Making the necessary changes to accommodate the new DST legislation will frequently be a minor task. In other cases, significant efforts may be required: systems and applications may have to be updated directly. Software applications may merely inherit or “read” the date and time information from the underlying system that it resides on so the changes need to be made only to that underlying system. Given the broad range of technology being used today — and the integration of systems between customers, vendors, and partners — business and IT managers should determine what actions should be taken to lessen the effects of DST 2007 on their organizations.

Microsoft is dedicated to working with customers and partners to make this transition as seamless as possible for companies and organizations that are affected by these new time changes. Please check this page at least weekly to make sure that you have the latest information available.

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What products are affected?

Several Microsoft products are affected by the 2007 daylight saving time change. If you or your customers are running any of the products in the following list, you should review the guidance published on the Microsoft DST Web site at to determine the steps you should take.

Products Affected

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Exchange Server

·  Windows Server 2003

·  Windows Server 2003 SP1

·  Windows XP SP2

·  Windows XP

·  Windows 2000

·  Windows Mobile

·  Windows CE

·  Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2

·  Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1

·  Exchange Server 2000/Exchange Conferencing Server 2000

·  Exchange Server 2003 Lotus Notes Connector

·  Exchange versions out of mainstream support

·  Exchange Update tool

Microsoft Office

Windows SharePoint Services

·  Outlook 2003

·  Outlook 2002

·  Outlook 2000

·  SharePoint Services 2.0

SQL Server Notification Services

Microsoft BizTalk Server

·  SQL Server 2005 Notification Services

·  SQL Server 2000 Notification Services

·  BizTalk Server (all versions)

Office Live Meeting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

·  Office Live Meeting

·  CRM 3.0

Visual SourceSafe


·  Visual SourceSafe 2005

·  Visual SourceSafe 6.0d

·  Entourage 2004



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