WSS 3.0 and how search really does work

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The following are known limitations in running Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with Windows SBS:

·      The integration of incoming e-mail with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 does not work because of a conflict with Exchange.

·      If you moved the Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 databases from WMSDE to SQL Server 2000 or to SQL Server 2005, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Search does not function after you install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

In the “how to install Sharepoint 3.0 side by side Companyweb on a SBS box” there is this discussion of “limitations”… but the problem is everyone ASSumed this meant that search on WSS 3.0 was horked up completely on a SBS side by side install.  It’s totally NOT.  This ‘gotcha’ is only if you UPGRADE a WSS 2.0 site to WSS 3.0 which of course the upgrade of Companyweb is not supported.  As long as you do a new database/side by side search totally works.  So all this time we’ve been going… so what got broken.. it totally doesn’t on the supported method.

You install WSS 3.0 as a side by side install and search WON’T break…ergo why side by side is the fully supported method.

You install an inplace upgrade which is NOT supported and voila… your search will/may/probably break.  THAT’s what this gotcha is refering too… NOT how we keep thinking that the mere install of WSS 3.0 won’t be able to have a search box and break things.

So gang.. side by side that WSS… and your search will.. well.. keep on searching.

P.S. The email part will still not work… but honestly .. I can live with that.


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  1. I was an early adopter, and installed WSS 3.0 shortly after it was released. The fact that search worked without error made me wonder if I’d actually done something wrong!

    I guess I shouldn’t doubt myself so much.