Where’s Peter?

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Where’s Peter?

I’m challenging all USA based SBSErs reading this blog….I want you to play a game of “Where’s Peter?”

If you go to a TS2 seminar in the next quarter from April to June and happen to spot someone who looks like this:

If he also has a loud great laugh and answers to the name of Peter Gallagher, I want you to email me with your name, address and where exactly (the date and the city) you saw Peter in, and I’ll send you a Cougar community Tshirt for finding “Where’s Peter?!” at a TS2 Event.  Then go up to Peter and say “Susan said to say Hi to you!”

(This is a non Microsoft funded game by the way, I’m just doing it for fun to see how many of us spot Peter in his new job – I should probably get Chris to photoshop some beanie and scarf on that photo, huh?)


2 Responses to Where’s Peter?

  1. chris rue says:

    how quickly they forget my previous work with mr. gallagher, albeit in his previous job:


  2. Peterga says:

    Who are you referring to when you say “they forget”….

    That was/is the high point of my microsoft career!