Sometimes you get a sign

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So the Mountain Dew is fully in the system, I’m feeling really insane so I’m thinking I know I need the new HP Broadcom chipset drivers for my server here before I attempt SP2 again.  I know that in my earlier attempt, that I lost  VPN and TS to the server, but because I had r2 installed with it’s MMC 3.0 the uninstall was relatively painless, other than retyping in the password into the scheduled tasks that got messed up…..

So I’m feeling cocky and go off to the HP web site to ensure I have all the parts I need for tonight’s endeavor.  The folks have all left early and won’t be back in until later tomorrow afternoon.

It’s “a sign”.

I have a maintenance window I can do this in.   

So I browse on over to the HP web site and ensure I’ve gone to the server to confirm the right nic cards and I go find the proper download page.

All is well.  There’s the nic drivers I need:


And so I go to click on the “Download” button and there God (in the form of his messenger ISA 2004) sends me another sign:

Okayyyyy… looks like what that earlier commenter said about HP/Compaq pulling the driver was right.

Okay I take this as a sign that I shouldn’t be trusting the nic drivers I have previously downloaded from HP.

Now I could use the drivers from Microsoft update, but … well.. too often I’ve been burned with drivers from Microsoft and network cards are… well … kinda important to a functioning network.

.. It’s a sign… Service Pack 2 will have to wait.


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