If you hit this and perhaps installed Win2k3 sp2 and then removed it, you aren’t alone.  Nick (the naked mvp) just hit this on a box that he installed SP2 and then had to remove SP2 because of networking issues.

Somehow in the uninstall of Sp2 the Microsoft Integration key gets mangled/missing, and the weird error with the wizards can be a result of that.  If you have (or the system has) enabled shadow file copies on the C:\ drive you probably will have a shadow copy of that registry setting you need.

Bottom line it probably would be wise to call Product Support Services as it could get a tad messy.


2 Responses to "This wizard can only be run on a Small Business Server Computer"

  1. Andy says:

    I got the same message on a box that hadn’t had the sbs wizard part of setup run yet -just the first w2k3 cd. MS could only recommend a reinstall of the server (which is what I did in the end). They claimed the cd used was a standard w2k3 cd and not the sbs one, but had no idea how the continue setup icon had appeared (which wouldn’t if it was just a w2k3 server)
    It’s interesting to see that another service pack can cause a similar issue – maybe there are other issues that cause this message too?

  2. Taco Grande says:

    After installing SP2 the same thing happend, I had a support call with Microsoft, They first suggested a reinstall, I said this was not an option. We then spent the next 5 hours on the phone but they got it fixed. I was thrilled in the end.