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Looking for resources? – this is the tech listserve for the sbs community – this is the official Microsoft sponsored SBS yahoogroup and is the best place for licensing issues – want to start a practice, chat about succession planning, marketing or anything on the “business side” of business? – considering or doing managed services?  If considering, lurk, if doing, chat. – got a question about CRM in the SMB space?  That’s the group for you

Newsgroups for SBS: – main granddaddy of the SBS newsgroups.  Can be searched via google groups using advanced search of as the group target.

I’m going to do more blogs in future posts but here’s a sample of some of the best:

Must have SBS blogs:
THE BLOG YOU MUST HAVE OR I WILL COME AND HUNT YOU DOWN IF YOU DON’T: – if you have no other blog in your RSS reader/favorites, you MUST HAVE THAT ONE.
Second best SBS blog you must have or I will get Chico to chew on your legs –
Eric Ligman’s Partner blog –
The TS2 gang have a blog portal –
Windows server community lead has a ton of SBS blogs linked on his blog –
Look for the blog of your local community lead – mine’s at


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