We didn’t opt for the tattoo contest

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Today my sister and I went to a VW show and swap meet at the Madera Fairgrounds and while we entered her vintage 1961, painted to look like Herbie the love bug Volkswagon in the show, we opted not to enter the tattoo contest.  Yeah…. we just didn’t have the necessary stuff to enter that one.  But it pointed out to me that people have passions of every shape and size.  (More photos on the event this year here as soon as the files get transferred up) Some of us are passionate about technology, some of us are passionate about Cars.  But lately (or maybe it’s just that I’m getting old) the “passion” around operating systems has gone to the extreme.  There are people (also known in the usenet world as trolls) in the Vista General newsgroup that …well…. need to join a VW group or get a tattoo or something.  It’s an operating system, and quite frankly we need to pick the best one for the job.

There was a good email on a listserve that talked about this balance for the job at hand. That there was no such thing as a “right” answer.  Linux, Macintosh, Windows, all had a role depending on the needs of the customer.  It’s the whole TCO and how cheap and easy support is to come by.  Any Operating system without attention, care and TLC is a security nightmare.

When it comes to making decisions regarding the operating systems we use to run our businesses, we need to be unemotional and leave the religious arguments at the door.

Tattoos are for things like the love of Volkswagons and what not…. it’s not for software

(P.S. there are two Herbies in the slide deck, one is my Sister’s, the other is actually a “Herbie” that was shipped over to France to be used in one of the movies)
P.S.S. fixed the link to the slide deck


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