So you’ve seen this post but don’t have OSQL on your system and you want to stomp on the memory of WSUS 3.0?  So how do you do it in a GUI format?

Now keep in mind these instructions are for Standard machines, not premium as I am blocked from downloading this express tool:

Download that… then…(stealing a post from Handy Andy Goodman)
Go to to be exact

Once you install the tool, launch it,

You right click the top line servername\MICROSOFT##SSEE and do properties
You click memory in the window that pops up
You set the maximum server memory to whatever you like, most are saying between 200-256Mb
Click OK
You right click the top line servername\MICROSOFT##SSEE and click restart

On my SBS 2003 premium with SQL 2005 workgroup I found however that I can’t control the WSUS SQL with my full blown SQL management tools…

Nor can I install the Express edition…

I may have to break out SQLcmd.exe instead of OSQL.exe or something…. oh the horrors…


2 Responses to Will I be forced to use command line? The horrors…

  1. Jborton says:

    You can install the express tool on a workstation and do you tweaking, then uninstall it.

  2. Chris Knight says:

    For Management Console access to the Windows Internal Database instance identified as \MICROSOFT##SSEE, you need to use:


    in the Computer Name field. This will allow for successful connection.

    You really should get over your aversion to command line tools. The only effective way to roll out changes consistently is by automation and this is best achieved using scripts. Why waste your time being a click monkey when you don’t need to?