Power cables are like socks

On May 20, 2007, in news, by

So I was straightening up my upstairs computer/office/lab/blow up a network yesterday and I’ve noticed that power cables are like socks.  I end up with parts of cables and these power bricks that I can’t remember what they used to connect to.  Anyone else have that issue?  I mean when you have a nice normal three prong universal plug in, it’s not a problem, but when you end up with some brick of a thing that doesn’t designate what device it powered up… now what?  I almost hate to get rid of it in case I need it…but if I don’t need it.. some of those bricks are quite large.

I’m also finding these days I’m starting to collect left over harddrives that I don’t want to throw away (and not just for security of data reasons) but that I need a better temporary storage of parts.  Screws, cables, power cords.  Somewhere with my missing socks, there is someplace in my house that has the other matching sets to all this stuff….


3 Responses to Power cables are like socks

  1. indy says:

    Same issue… we label all bricks with a brother ptouch.

  2. I prefer a gold or silver marker for labeling and it is something I try to use whenever I get a new device — if I remember. More often I forget and end up looking at the specs on the various devices that don’t have a power source. The good ones will show polarity, voltage, and amps but that’s rare and thus you’re stuck with bricks that are less useful than a single sock.

  3. Wayne Vinkavich says:

    Right out of the box, every time I use a black sharpie fine point permanent marker. Inconspicious, and actually easy to read given its black on black. Allot easier to find then a gold or silver marker, and won’t peel off or discolor like a label. Just scribble “Mnf, Model & type device” thats all you need.