Compatibility in Vista

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When you are installing software on Vista, you may have to right mouse click on the setup and “Run as Administrator”.  Once it’s installed, if it balks a bit at running under Vista, try right mouse clicking on the icon, and go into the compatibility tab and clicking on “Run as XP sp2”.  If that doesn’t work try all the way down to Win98.  As a last resort, click on “Run this program as administrator”.  Now in a true locked down network you should use fast user switching in a domain and run the crappy apps in another profile to keep them away from the secure apps, but I’m going to guess that many firms don’t or won’t do that.

The other issue you might see is this – but I guess I’m the weird one as I don’t find the UAC prompts annoying and in fact when they do pop up I keep track of the apps (including Microsoft ones) that are still needing UAC help.  Live meeing does the yellow warning along with Live messenger on this Vista (but then again I need to see if I’m running the right Live messenger version on this Vista at home)

P.S. the thing that takes a while to get around your head is that even when logged in as administrator you aren’t quite logged in as Administrator like you were in the XP era.  Admin isn’t Admin and it takes a bit of getting your head around.


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