So why did they move that?

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So why did they move those file locations in Vista?  More granular control so that we can change permissions and tighten up program settings is my understanding (I can’t find the page and given that I read it outside with the crickets with a mini booklight last night as we were without power until 6 a.m the following morning is it any wonder that I can’t find in the book where it said that)

\Documents and Settings is now \Users
\Documents and Settings\All Users is now \Users\Public
\ProgramData\Desktop is now \Users\Public\Desktop
\ProgramData\Documents\ is now \Users\Public\Documents
\ProgramData\Favorites is now \Users\Public\Favorites
\ProgramData\Start Menu is now \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
\ProgramData\Templates is now \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Templates



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  1. indy says:

    and appdata
    and local settings

    And I used to migrate profiles between machines by copying D&S\username over to the new machine. That doesn’t work now. Guess I’ll have to use the CL tool.

  2. alunj says:

    By means of experimental demonstration, I copied the following two lines into c:\program.bat and c:\documents.bat:

    @echo No quotes – %*

    Then I logged out and back in. Five programs failed to run, and popped up command prompt windows.

    These are commercial products, and their installation scripts forgot to put quotes around their paths, leaving Windows to guess if C:\Program Files\Vendor\Program.exe means “Run the file C:\Program.{Bat,cmd,exe,com} with the argument Files\Vendor\Program.exe” or what the developers probably meant.

    Sometimes it guesses right. But it’s best to not make it guess.

  3. This also Messeses Up Programers that HARD Code Directory Paths required for thier program to run.

    Even though you’d think that practice would have at least been gone after Y2K

    Sloppy Programing Still Exists….

    PS Sorry your Power was out SB, We may have to Send you some from the Great pacific NW Hyrdo Dams, Of course at 15cents/kw 🙂