VOIP in your future?

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While Mark Crall has an excellent blog post on the topic of selling VOIP… http://sbsc.techcareteam.com/archives/32 ….meanwhile back at the ranch the Response point team is blogging about the Dlink hardware and how you can sign up for the Reseller program.


So I read that… and then remembered that slide decks for the Small Business Symposium were online – https://partner.microsoft.com/us/40029567 and if you are a SBSC partner you can download and look a the topics discussed at the Small Business Symposium.  Now it obviously doesn’t take the place of the actual presentations …not by a long shot but the VOIP slide deck is here … https://partner.microsoft.com/us/40044644  Now I don’t know if they realize this, but that code they refer to in that blog post is on page 18 of that deck.

Now while that powerpoint was underway, I was next door in the SBSC community lounge talking with various var/vaps and while we were getting a hands on demo of Trixbox (by Rick from Florida) many of the other var/vaps in the room were really looking forward to the Microsoft Response point product because of one major thing….


Combined with the secondary reason of “I’ve got an old brain that doesn’t want to learn a new operating system platform”.  Open source has it’s place but there’s nothin’ like official support (yes even if it’s first call to India) versus forum googling and what not.

Now while you could argue that Trixbox made asterisk more var/vap friendly because they now offer support packages, when it comes to phone service, you don’t mess around with a small firm.  It has to work.  Which is why it will be interesting to see if we ever move from good ol’ Ma Bell in my firm. 


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  1. indy says:

    We are “skipping” VoIP and just going wireless for all employees.

    VoIP installation started at $40K and provided fewer features than our current PBX.

  2. Dean Collins says:

    Susan, love you but Voip just aint your bag baby.

    Whilst it’s easier for me as a SBS user to implement VOIP being smaller than most…..it’s not as scary as you think.

    Trixbox has ‘official’ support available from Fonality though to be honest anything you cant find on the forums just means you’re not reading deep enough.

    Having used Asterisk since before trixbox was even available (or back then as it was known Asterisk@home) it’s a piece of iso cake.

    For those of you that think Asterisk is a comic strip head over to http://www.Cognation.net/Asterisk for a 60 second overview.

    Like i’ve said I dont consult in the space so dont have an axe to grind just wanted to share with others how easy it is to implement and get some kickass functionality that intergrates really nicely into SBS2003.

    P.S. yes if you cant burn an Iso you can still play – gogle up Asterisk Appliance for plug and play goodness.

  3. Brian W says:

    I currently have a customer who bought PBXtra from Fonality (who just happens to have taken over Trixbox development initiiative) and he is very unhappy right now. Their telephone/vpn support is manned by a bunch of wanabee techies with no social skills. Fonality does not understand small business, period!

    As for the Trixbox. It think it is cool. I messed with it for a while to see if it would be a solid solution for my customers. Nope. Not for me at this point. I am a one man band with an extensive computer telephony background including Linux. If you ask me Talkswitch seems to be getting it right. Simple to install and has the look and feel of traditional phone system. It is a hybrid. Most business are not ready for the ongoing expense of an open source telephony system even with excellent support from a voice/data guy like me.

    Like my customer says, “I just want it to work!” If you are going the managed service route it better work because pretty toys will cost you $$$.

  4. Sean F says:

    Asterisk is a fantastic solution! I was at the Response Point session in Denver at WWPC at it has a lot of promise but it will still be a v1 product. There are a lot of critical features that are just flat missing on day one.

    As for support for Asterisk or even TrixBox. As an IT provider we should be the ones providing support to our end customers. Selling VoIP into customers should not be fewed as something like selling a desktop or a server. You have to commit to really learn the product and be able to support the technology. As for support from MS, in 3 years I have called them twice and got marginal support. The folks at Digium provide outstanding support.