Gavin reports…….  (and is still testing the solution… so hang loose)
(And BTW have we said how we don’t like SP2?)     
Clients cannot update from the Security Server running on Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 
Problem:  The Client Server Messaging Security for SMB (CSM) clients cannot update from the server, and the IIS logs show a 405 error. 
Solution:     To resolve the issue, please do the following:   
1.  Open the IIS Manager.  
2.   Double-click Web Sites and then right-click the OfficeScan website. 
3.  Click Properties and then go to the Home Directory tab. 
4.  In the Execute permissions field, choose Scripts and Executables from the dropdown menu. 
5.  For the options under Local path, select the following check boxes:  
 Log visits  
Index this resource  
6.  Click Apply. 
7.  When the Inheritance window appears, click Select All > OK. 
8.  Go to the Windows Services console and restart the following:  
World Wide Web Publishing Service 
 Trend Micro Security Server Master Service
. Log on to the Security Dashboard.



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