And no..this isn’t about RSS but THAT RSS… Receive side scaling that pops up in SP2.

Kevin had an issue yesterday where a brand new SBS box would not RWW.  Could RDP to the server just fine, could RDP to workstations, but RWW was no go.  He thought/checked the server, the router and was checking with the ISP when it hit him.. SP2 and our RSS and checksum offloading issues.

While the machine had a slipstreamed SP2 installed and the resulting post SP2 hotfix to disable it, the nic card itself had RSS and Checksum enabled.  He disabled them and RWW worked.

There are some reports that if the nic card was flashed up to the latest bios that might do the trick but this way… just disable them in BOTH the registry and the nic GUI settings and you’ll know you are certain to be in a condition to work and thus you can rule that out.


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