8/30/2007 9:00 AM PDT

*Enable customers to bring their digital home together with Microsoft Windows Home Server! *

Introducing Windows Home Server, a new way to simplify how your customers will keep and share family photos, videos, and music with anyone they wish, anywhere in the world.

This smart “hub of the house” lives in the home (maybe in a closet) and connects all the important people in your customers life via a scalable solution to their digital content that’s on their computers. Your customers can stream their tunes to their Xbox 360, share pictures over the Web, and even get on their Home Server when they are on the road! Your customers friends and family can see and share any files *specified *through an easy to use interface, whether they’re in another room or another country.

Your customers memories stay safer, too, with daily automatic backups that help recover lost documents (or rescue computers that have had “unfortunate” accidents). Adding space to the server is also easy. Scalable storage via adding HDD”s or USB storage is easy and efficient. Windows Home Server will keep growing and getting better with your customers!

In our discussion we will talk about the features, selling points, forum factors, configuration, and many other fun and exciting details about the new Home Server Software from Microsoft. Come join!


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