Server 2k8 RTMs in 2008

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Windows Server Division WebLog : Windows Server 2008 Timing Update:


And I just have to comment on that blog post…. this MVP heard about the new RTM date on blogs (including Mary Jo’s) and I hope that some MVP didn’t take possible private communication and release it to a journalist.  It’s good that Microsoft is open, but whenever it appears that people who are under a nda possibly forwarded information and possibly without approval, (yeah I know that’s a lot of possibles that I just wrote) it’s a concern to me that people aren’t respectful of the trust they are getting.  I see in this web 2.0 blogger world a loss of ethics and morals and I hope her comment is based upon official information she got from a PR agency…not from a forwarded note that some MVP got.

Is it any wonder that Apple keeps lids on their communication?  Is the announcement a biggie?  No.  Actually I expected this.  But her comment just brings up my concern for the loss of respect for ndas these days.  Word is Vista sp1 is on bittorrent.  When people that do the right thing get this… and people that cheat get this it’s a sad commentary on our society, isn’t it?


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  1. paleo says:

    Hi Susan,

    its already disclosed here:

  2. M says:

    You’re a clown.
    MVPs are so obsessed with their own self-importance. MVPs are some of the last people to know in the entire food chain to get advance information.
    Since most MVPs are in the States and people in Australia are so far ahead it’s natural that you guys are going to read your super-secret emails from your Leads only to find out that it’s actually 10 hours old and everyone between the International Date Line and Lisbon already know, including all the journalists.

    Daft bint.

  3. bradley says:

    Dear Mr. Daft:

    Read what I wrote. It is not the timing of the information that I am complaining about. It is that it appears that someone gave a journalist a copy of an email that they received.

    The complaint I have is in regards to trust. Not timing. Obviously they are not so super secret that it gets on Mary Jo Foley’s blog.

    I am not “obsessed with my own self importance”.

    I do sign my own comments and stick my opinion out here and then let people call me a clown.

    Try it sometimes. It’s great for keeping the ego in check.


  4. Hi, Susan.

    No MVP broke confidence and told me what MS said. I searched this morning and found the full text of what was sent right here:

    (scroll down for English)

    Thanks. Mary Jo Foley

  5. bradley says:

    In posting a verbatim email like that… I’m not sure that shows the greatest respect for communication either.