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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the 5th annual SMB Nation Fall Conference taking place September 29th to October 1st with pre-day events on September 28th.I just wanted to touch base with you before the conference to make sure that you are all set for the conference as well as update you on new items for taking place during the conference.   For transportation to and from the airport I would contact There is a complimentary shuttle in the morning and evenings for transportation to and from the hotel to the conference center 

I hope you have made your hotel reservations.  (I have) At this point the Redmond Marriott Town Center and the Residence Inn are completely sold out.  If you have not yet made reservations I would try priceline for Bellevue and or Redmond Washington. (You can also check out or directly on the web sites of the hotels as I saw both had some openings last week and you might want to ask on various listserves if folks want to bunk up and share a room… start your partnership opportunities even earlier.  We’re having a Girls room like in last years).

Watch for an email from me in early September regarding instruction on how to sign up for testing. 

A special additional learning opportunity for SMB Nation this year will occur on Sunday night.  This will be an open space format meeting, where the attendees will set the agenda and discuss issues related to the IT industry.  We will use several formats during that session to allow a free exchange of ideas, capture of the content, and then a summary of the discussion so everyone can walk out with the group perspectives on these topics.  This format is rather free form but is the latest tool being used to create a valuable interaction for a community to tackle real issues of the day.  Plan to join us on your free evening for this fun and very interactive event.  This is just another way to maximize your time at SMB Nation and build relationships with your peers while looking at issues collectively.  Come for as long as you want.  To save a spot, please email to register.  Please just put attend in the subject line.  We need to limit attendance to the first 50 that sign up to make sure we can deliver value to the audience that attends.  The event will be facilitated by the HTS management team led by Arlin Sorensen.

Please stay tuned for additional information.

Have a wonderful Day!

Jenny Hall



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  1. Jeff Dempsey says:


    I thought that was a personal e-mail, just for me. I guess everyone got it…

    See all y’all there!