So what works for you?

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Last night at SMBTNFresno the SMB partner group meeting was supposed to be on vendors… and it ended up that I
couldn’t arrange in time (thanks
Anne for pinging me up with your vendor listing as I am arranging such a meeting for November)

Bottom line we had “smörgåsbord” night.

I talked about Quickbooks (how clients
screw it up) and tips and tricks of knowing if the file was a good data…
If you see the account “opening balance equity”
that’s a sure sign of a not well set up client as that’s a QB plug account.
Quickbooks add ins –
BillQuick that works in Quickbooks and Microsoft accounting ..which is cool as if the clients
later move the time keeping capturing part is the same program –
Ed talked about Drobo –Data Robotics, Inc.: — check out the demo video in fact

Parted magic (works on raid) –

What storage units work on Vista (Netgear SC 101T) what don’t Lacie Ethernet big disk
(beware of “Vista compatiable versus Vista certified”)

Haute Secure web browser protection –


Kasaya (how expensive the buy in is if you don’t go hosted)

WSUS (what we like, what we don’t like and I made the comment that if
you do managed services, WSUS is not a help.. and I ‘play’ Shavlik
against WSUS all the time as Shavlik is the tool to use when I want to
patch and patch NOW)

Bottom line everyone went home with a nugget that make it worth it for them.

So…what works for you?


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