It’s one week and counting before the SMBers invade Redmond!  And for those going, Sunday night I’ll be at Jeff’s “New Orleans West” event where he has a jazz musician lined up.. leave it to Jeff to arrange a music event and pool and all that jazz (just had to get that in)

So next Sunday night… see you THERE!

SMB Nation 2007

Redmond, Washington  September 2007

Jeff Middleton returns for the third year to be among a group of respected speakers at SMB Nation 2007. Jeff’s topic this year will be to examine the strategies and technical concepts for diagnosing and recoverying a server which is damaged or won’t boot. Gain some insight from Jeff on how to deal with one of the most commonly feared problems with an SBS server, and how you can prepare and deal with this classic problem. Oh yeah….don’t miss the party on Sunday Night!


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