So tonight I was needing to adjust something on our older Konica 7155 printer (it’s about to come off lease) and it wouldn’t let me reset the thing I needed to reset.  The password I was entering for the administrator control that I had written down in my network documention manual wasn’t working.

So on the off chance that either I forgot to change the password, or it reset or something, I did what every self respecting hack IT person would do.  I googled it.

Konica Minolta   7255  Multi  n/a  sysadm  admin  No

Yes, sysadm was indeed the password the system was looking for.

Nice one there, Susan.  And what’s the cardinal rule of devices ESPECIALLY ROUTERS AND NETWORK FIREWALLS?  Ensure you change the default password.  Check and make sure that your password is not one that is a known, googlable, guessable one as well.


One Response to Hi, my name is Susan, and I found a default password on google…

  1. Philipp Kohn says:

    Thanks for the link Susan,

    this site can be very useful, especially when no manual are there and the Router/Firewall/Switch has to be reset.

    Regards Philipp Kohn