I think the funnist thing on that chart is how Home Server wins out over Apple’s network storage in that chart.

I actually took my MacMini back out of my Active Directory at my office and made it more like a XP Home or Vista Home works… with pass through authentication because it was annoying me too much to have it in AD control places in the network still messing up my R2 WSUS console no matter what I tried.  So rather than have it in my Active Directory I took it back out so I don’t have to build group policy to try to exclude it.  Vlad is challenging me to try out Linux as he considers Mac a bit of a “sell out” platform, but the reality of the platform choice is still this.  It’s a platform.  A base.  And you still need to determine what applications are driving your needs.  That’s the deciding factor for any platform along with a good dose of having tools and knowledge to serve your needs.

And quite frankly.. I’m/we’re still a Windows apps driven firm with not enough apps “in the cloud” .. at least not for the foreseeable future anyway.


3 Responses to Taking the MacMini back out of AD

  1. Vlad Mazek says:

    I am shocked at this, Susan Bradley, CPA. So unlike the CPAs I know!

    (now to sit back and see if susan can throw a 2×4 all the way to Orlando from Fresno over this)


  2. Nick says:

    As an SBSer, I have to say that I agree on the Linux comment.

    I’m no Linux zealot, having a Linux box at my disposal in the office has been incredibly useful (sitting right next to Vista laptop most of the time). I can bounce over it to check out network traffic with Wireshark, summary info from NTop, look at my managed switches… not that I couldn’t necessarily do it all from Vista, but it’s a nice to have on-hand.


  3. Philip Elder says:


    Did you try our suggested OU setup for the Mac?

    Please let me know, as it works fine with the iMac we have on our SBS R2 network here.

    I would be more than happy to offer some assistance.

    The link: Mac on SBS – WSUS and the iMac.