Patches already?

On October 29, 2007, in macs in sbsland, by

Okay ..take this as a patchers rant tonight.  I understand that software has to get shipped but at what point in time did it become acceptable to release something that on the third day it’s in public release I’m already getting patches for this Operating system?

The first byproduct of the upgrade is that RealVNC 4 won’t work and I had to load up logmeinfree (that has a beta version that runs on Mac) to remote into the system.

But did you have to take a page out of the Microsoft playbook and patch the OS the first thing?  Can’t you at least wait a week or something?  Lull me into a false sense of security or something?

P.S. after reboot and changing RealVNC to full color the RealVNC works.


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