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Three interesting threads.

I personally didn’t notice surfing delays on the Leopard so I can’t confirm that I’ve seen that issue here in the office, but there are some default settings in Leopard that definitely make me poke under the hood a lot more.

“Allow all incoming connections” was the default setup.  It would be nicer if stealth/set access was the default.

Another ..hmmm… long term is that wise?  Guest is enabled…

Leading to tell tale signs of it hitting network resources until I provided authentication.  Another …hmmmm … will have to understand that more….


A good moment?  Where Safari in one click will allow you to go into private browsing mode.  Nice touch.

The hmmmm …. moment was the web page before where Safari autofilled my contact in and I didn’t realize that it was going to keep the MacMini registration as auto fill info as the auto fill info.

It just points to recent posts where privacy and security is different for different generations.

Updated info on connecting a Mac to a SBS is here:

Connecting a Macintosh to an SBS 2003 Server via SMB (2007):

Author: Eriq Neale


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  1. Amy B says:

    Will employers like that switch to private browsing option? Many want to keep that history around. I know that we’ve been asked to collect it during security breach investigations.

  2. Trap for SBSers with Macs: with your regular change of passwords, your Finder SMB connections will give you Retry messages and fail to connect, if you don’t remember to remove the SMB connection passwords from your Mac keychain…major annoyance…