Migrating Windows Small Business Server 2003 to New Hardware

If you decide that your server running the Windows® Small Business Server 2003 (Windows SBS) server software is no longer able to keep up with the demands of your organization, and expansion is not a viable option, you can use this guide to help you migrate the Windows SBS 2003 settings and data to new hardware.

By using the guide, you will learn how to install Windows SBS 2003 on a new computer, join the new computer to the existing Microsoft® Active Directory® directory services domain, and then migrate the Windows SBS 2003 settings and data from the old computer to the new computer. If you are migrating to a computer that has Windows SBS 2003 preinstalled by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you will be directed to reinstall Windows SBS 2003. You must have the Windows SBS 2003 discs to complete the migration process.



4 Responses to Migrating Windows Small Business Server 2003 to New Hardware

  1. alunj says:

    How many OEMs give you the installation disks when you buy a pre-installed copy of Windows SBS 2003 from them?

    Just another reason to specifically request those install disks!

  2. Anthony Short says:

    How does this procedure differ from backing up the source server and restoring to the destination machine?

  3. Chris Knight says:

    Or you could perform a full backup, perform a basic install using the same computer name, same product key and same drive partitions, perform a full restore, then perform a repair install to redetect the new hardware.
    Or use something like Acronis TrueImage or StorageCraft ShadowProtect to further cut down migration time.

  4. Jon Massey says:

    what about just moving the hard disks to a new machine? what kinds of problems does that bring up?