The real fright

On November 13, 2007, in Security, by

The headline read… “Microsoft Exec calls XP hack frightening”.

Microsoft exec calls XP hack ‘frightening’ | Tech News on ZDNet:

But when you read the story ….how in the world did someone find a “new” Windows XP still running at XP sp1 when it’s not even a supported version anymore?

Windows XP SP1 and SP1a support ends on October 10, 2006:

That might be the more frightening issue.. how is a XP sp1 “new” computer being sold when that’s not a support platform.  To me, that’s not a valid hack/test.  If you have a supposed “expert” and they CAN’T hack into that box with no firewall, no antivirus, then get a new expert.

A real demonstration should have shown the threats from XP sp2 machines to teenagers on supposedly “good” web sites that are downloading codecs and what not and ending up with nailed machines and then the resulting clean up. 

We’re arguing that buy a teenager his or her own computer… that cheap Google/Linux surf/Internet box at Walmart that’s already sold out looks perfect for the task.


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